About Us

AUSTIN, An ISO 9001 -2008 Certified Institute, encapsulating Grooming, Personality Development with detail knowledge of Aviation, Hospitality and Travel & Tourism and Retail as part of Service sector which is growing day by day. Aviation sector is growing with the rate of 20%. In coming decades India will be the second largest employer in the world up to 2030. So Austin is converting the students in professionals according to the requirements. It caters to the manpower requirements of the different organization of world class reputed sectors.

The infrastructure is created to provide the environment of resourceful learning. It is the fact that quality of education in this sector depends upon the professional faculty of the institute, So for this we have the Ex- Pilot, Ex- Air Hostesses as Aviation faculty, well experienced staff for communication skills and as well as for the Hospitality also.AUSTIN is a bridge between our students for job placement. It provides 100% job guarantee* to all the students having a nice journey of 07 years with One Year Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality and Travel & Tourism along with the placements of the students in the service industry.

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It is a fact that the Service industry is poised to witness its biggest boom.Stepping into Aviation, Hospitality and Travel & Tourism Industry is not different from participating in a challenging & competitive global race,where every participant is forging ahead and needs that very fine winning, edge over the other. It is precisely this important winning edge which Austin imparts to all its trainees.

A one year vocational Diploma course with relevant curriculum Preparing the students for rewarding job opportunities in various sectors like Aviation, Hospitality,Travel &Tourism and Retail Industry on International Standards.By getting the course ware prepared by a panel of Academic & Industry specialists to weed out what is irrelevant and making the course customized to the current requirements of the industry.

I am confident that by choosing the extensive service of Austin, you will be prepared to achieve your goals.

Ajit Paul Singh Naphrey ( Managing Director)