Travel & Tourism

Travel and Tourism ,1 out of 7 people are employed in tourism related occupation.94,000 new jobs are expected in the next decade.This sector has grown by 255% in past ten years.

Tourism is a booming industry around the world. As a part of  a Travel Industry, you could be involved in managing a team of people, organizing travel plans, making bookings, researching the latest ‘hot’ travel destinations, promoting your brand in the market, and more.

Reputed companies like Thomas Cook,Cox & King and Sita Travel and lot of more are involved in organizing tours in India & Abroad.So millions of foreigners are visiting India to experience the rich Cultural Heritage of India and to provide the proper services to visitors, a huge manpower is required in the coming years.

On completing this course you can build a successful career in the Travel & Tourism Industry as per profiles given below:

  • Tour leader,Travel Manager,Travel Orgnizers,Travel Insurance staff,Ticketing
  • Itinerary planner
  • Fares & Ticketing officer
  • Language Interpreter
  • Foreign Exchange or Sales Executive
  • Operational Manager
  • Or You Can be a Entrepreneur to have your own Brand